Which child does not want to be with their mother or father?

Ours did and in the first 6 months she wanted to be carried almost all the time! And everytime we put her in her cot, she would wake up like there is a build in gyroscope. She would then start crying. As first time parents we were lost on what to do and thought we were bad parents. "How could we ignored the advice of elders not to pick-up our daughter when she cries". Then again our daughter's voice is just loud. We could not just ignore her cries. At one time our neightbours knocked on our door to see if everything was ok. It was that bad.

That is how we started babywearing. Our daughter was most comfortable being held by us. We got ourselves a carrier after being too tired to carry her in our arms. Trying a few carriers, we finally settled on a Boba.

Why choose a Boba carrier.

Why choose a Boba wrap